My sister

Posted on Tuesday, June 17th, 2014 at 9:01 am

My sister is growing so fast, she talks now, likes to actually give me hugs and kisses and will even play with me. Over the past 2 days mommy discovered that she has a love to dollies! Ever since Sunday night this is what has been happening…


Time to feed the baby “watey” (that is Ruby’s word for water)



They even come to dinner and get to taste what Ruby is eating, she feeds them and makes a smacking noise then she takes a bite. She also made sure that they had bibs on so they stay clean!


In the morning Ruby will find the babies (where ever she has laid them to bed) and make sure they come on the ride to school with her.


She sure does love them…time for mommy to find her some dolly stuff!


PS. Some words Ruby says:

I luv lou = I love you

watey = water

Oovver = Oliver

gama = grandma

see you

boo = Blu



more (and she signs it too)



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2 Responses to “My sister”

  1. Gramma Charyl says:

    Oliver – Your little sister loves you so much. She watches everything you do and tries to copy you. She likes to hug you and sit with you. She will be your best friend for your whole life!
    I love you both so much! Gramma Charyl XOXOXO
    Do you know that XO is Secret Code?
    X means Kiss and O means HUG!
    And of course, O also means OLIVER!

  2. Mina Milligan says:

    I’ll second what Gramma expressed so nicely! Ruby – keep taking care of your dollies. You are doing a wonderful job.
    I love you both to the sky and beyond.

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