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Uncle Seth & Aunt Stacey

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This weekend mommy and Aunt Stacey had a great idea for us to come down to Vancouver and visit on Sunday since mommy & daddy had Monday off. Aunt Stacey really wanted to see me and spend some time with me so she requested Sunday off and it looked as if she was going to get it! But then, at 1:30 am on Saturday night mommy’s phone rang…it was a 360 number and she thought, “who on earth is calling me”. It was Cory, Aunt Stacey’s brother, he called to tell mommy that Seth and Stacey were in a bad boating accident. Mommy was pretty upset but there was nothing she could do except try to sleep until we could leave the next morning. Not to mention I kept her up all night crying!


Here is what mommy & daddy found on the news:

4 hurt in Columbia River boat accident

by KGW Staff

Posted on May 30, 2010 at 7:12 AM

Updated today at 10:21 AM

PORTLAND – Four people are recovering after a boat accident along the Columbia River Saturday night.

Rescuers said the boaters hit something in the water around 9:30 p.m. near the Salpar Bay Marina, which is located close to the I-5 Bridge, at the east end of Hayden Island.

The impact tossed the boaters around and at least one of them suffered broken bones, but rescuers said none of their injuries appeared to be life-threatening.

The boaters were taken to area hospitals for treatment.


~ Matt had a concussion, he was discharged on Sunday – Seth said he looked like an 80 year old man when he came to visit him. He was super sore, thank goodness for pain killers!

~ Aunt Stacey broke & knocked some of her teeth around also displaced her jaw a bit. At 6am on Sunday the oral surgeon came to visit her and pushed a few of her teeth back into place. Aunt Stacey was a trooper too because she wasn’t given any drugs. Don’t get me wrong, she did ask for them! But the lady told her, “Time is of the essence”. Stacey said the pain is what she imagined birth to be like. Ouch. She was discharged on Sunday as well.

~ Uncle Seth broke his femur and he was in a lot of pain but at the time was more annoyed that it took 19 hours to get into surgery and have it fixed. The doc was really busy! He came out of the recovery room after surgery at about 10:30 pm. Only Aunt Stacey and grandma were allowed to go see him but he requested that mommy come in as long as she had me with her. Mommy got in trouble for doing it but she doesn’t care because she loves her brother and will do whatever she needs to make him feel better!

~ Sam was in ICU for awhile and was taken down to the same floor as Seth on Monday. He has a torn spleen, 5 broken ribs, 2 fractured vertebrae, and a broken toe. He had to stay in ICU for awhile because he was running a fever and the docs wanted to make sure he was ok.


We are so thankful that everyone is ok and recovering…we love you all!


Chillin’ with Uncle SethIMG_1304

20 pounds of weight hanging off of his leg. He had a pin put in when he came to the ER the night of the accident.


Visiting Aunt Stacey – She didn’t want to smile for the picture.



Her front left tooth was one of the ones they had to push back in, it caused a small gap but she can have all that fixed up after it heals up. She still had her same amazing smile! She also had a big bruise next to her chin, ouch!


Monday Afternoon – Uncle Seth, Aunt Stacey and Matt (Sam is in his bed still)


Aunt Stacey – You wouldn’t even know she was hurt, she looks amazing as always!

Gram, Renee & Erin

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Today Daddy and I went on an adventure while mommy helped Auntie Renee and Erin make wedding invites. I started off at Gram’s house.


We are checking something out!


Then I got to see Auntie Renee. Which is pretty special because she lives so  far away…thanks Erin for getting married so I can see her more often!IMG_1290


I always like to see Erin too, she is super nice and I LOVE her strings!



Give me those strings Erin!


After such a long day I passed out! Thanks Gram, Renee & Erin for the visit, I sure do love all of you!

My new noise

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I’m not quite sure what to call this, but I sure have fun doing it!


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I learned a new word today, “Clap”!

Seattle Sounders

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Today Mommy and Daddy took me to my first Sounders Game…IMG_0892

All decked out and ready to go!


What the heck is going on…there seems to be a green glow on my face.IMG_0906

I greatly enjoyed the big flags…IMG_0907



Caught yawning…


I’m all tuckered!


Amazingly I fell asleep, but I didn’t like it when all the crazy fans were screaming…IMG_0915

One heck of a face!IMG_0951

He comes in for the penalty kick….IMG_0953

He kicks….IMG_0956

And misses…. that was the story of the whole game! The Sounders lost but it was still fun and I look forward to going to games with my great friends the Shepherds when they are in town! 🙂 Mommy and Daddy start saving your pennies!

We have baby birds!

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Auntie Cierra discovered that the eggs in the Sparrow’s nest hatched!IMG_0873 

Above they are all nice and quiet…then mommy used the camera!


Here they come to life! The momma bird is very mad at mommy and is squakin’ at her from the Willow Tree…Get Away From My Babies!IMG_0882


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I had some professional pictures taken around Mother’s Day by Carmen Chan, she is the owner of Baby Sprouts Photography at Mommy and Daddy sure do like them…I’m sure you will like them too!

Oliver1Oliver2 8x10Oliver3 8x10Oliver4 5x7Oliver5 5x7Oliver6 5x7Oliver7 5x7

Lip smackin’ good!

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I sure like eating smooshed up pears!



My pet rabbit

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I have a pet wild rabbit named Thumper.  He lives in our front yard and likes to eat dandelions and azaleas.  Blu sometimes likes to chase him, so we are careful to not let Blu out when Thumper is around!




Science Center

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We spent the day with Kari and the kids and we had a great time!


All of us hanging out in the dino foot.




Zeke playing in the Mercury space capsule


Playing in the water, I’m a bit short so mommy had to hold me over it while I drenched myselfIMG_0315



Dezi, Zeke & Kaz playing with the sea life


Help, my feet don’t touch the ground!


Dezi, you shrank!


Holy cow, look at the size of your head!

IMG_0353 IMG_0354

Kaz is one strong chick! She actually jumped up and pulled herself all the way up there…she’s going to need to teach me that when I’m big and strong.IMG_0357

Dezi trying her hardest to not touch the metal bar…you can tell she is deep in thought and rather flustered.IMG_0369

Hanging out in the butterfly house…I wasn’t sure where to look!




IMG_0420 IMG_0449

Kari says, “Don’t get wet please” Yea right…look at the size of that water fountain!IMG_0448

Zeke…are you thinking the same thing I’m thinking?!?IMG_0442

They are just daring the water to come and get them…


And in they go!


It’s coming back!


Kari & Mommy took one look at Kaz and said…”you weren’t supposed to get wet”…she says, “Oh, I thought that was a figure of speech”.

Thanks Kari, Kaz, Dezi & Zeke for sharing a fun day with us. We enjoyed seeing you and hope to see more of you!