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I’m getting a new cousin!

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Not only am I getting a new sister but I’m also getting a new cousin a few months later. I’m excited, I think…


Now to find out if it is a boy or a girl. What do you think it will be?


I say a girl! Daddy & I were supposed to be in this picture on the girls side, but I must have went off to play!


Taylor – I’m super excited to meet you in Dec, you are going to have fantastic parents who will support you in everything you do in life! Not to mention, you are getting the best extended family in the whole world…both sets of grandparents, all your aunts & uncles, and especially your cousins are going to love you so much! Love, Your oldest cousin -Oliver

Tinley turns 1!

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Uncle Cory & Auntie Stacey (did you know I have 2 auntie Stacey’s? So confusing!) and little Miss Tinley. Isn’t she adorable?IMG_0695IMG_0699

She has a mind of her own!


I learned, never get between a girl and her licorice! IMG_0781IMG_0786

3 at once?!? How do I get my mommy & daddy to let me do that?


Help, I have sand in my eye!


Fish?!?! I wanna see the fish! “Let’s do this!”IMG_0809

Ewww, it has sharp teeth. I can say I enjoyed playing with its eyeball! IMG_0811

Eeek, its slimy! Get it away from me!


I learned it’s hard work fishing!


Grandma Mina, Grandpa Curt & Grandma Sharon (these are my adopted grandparents…I love them!)



Ouch Hunter! What are you doing?!? I forget Hunter likes hair…we shall see if I can train my baby sister not to do this…





Tinley doesn’t know what to do with that cupcake, if only I had it on my plate…


Her daddy helped her for a few minutes…


…and there was no stopping her! (Can you see me in the back sneeking a cupcake, shhhhh…don’t tell anyone!)


“Auntie Stacey, I don’t need this thing, I’m eating!”IMG_0964

I think Tinley liked it, what do you think?


Grandpa Curt taking Tinley for a dip in the Columbia River to clean off…she didn’t really enjoy it much.



While Tinley was getting washed they boys were busy catching a fish!


Look at all those gifts!


Hunter with his daddy & UncleIMG_1133

I can’t resist..the other kids are doing it too!


What every girl needs!


Happy Birthday Tinley! You are an amazing little girl and I look forward to growing up with you! I love you! – Oliver

Potty Training–Ongoing

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This is my second week of potty training and I think it’s going pretty well! I haven’t had any accidents at Miss Julia’s and I have been waking up with a dry pull up at nap time and after good nights sleep at home. Whoo hoo!


Yesterday mommy wanted to me to try to go potty, this is how it went…

Mommy: “Oliver, I have to go potty, do you have to go too? Let’s go try!”

Me: “No, I just want my penis”

Mommy: “Hmm baby, I’m not sure what you mean”

Me: I pull my pants and undies off and say “I just want my penis” as I shuffle to the toilet with my pants down. Then I stand right in front of the toilet gleefully aiming up and at the back of the toilet.

Mommy: Looks perplexed and says “Well Oliver, I don’t think that is going to work, maybe we need to use the step stool”

Me: I don’t know what she is thinking but I get up on the stool and nearly fall in the toilet and try to aim, I was all over the place!

Daddy: “That isn’t a good idea, let’s wait a few years!”

Me: Maybe daddy shouldn’t show me how he pee’s standing up!

Mommy: “Ok baby, this isn’t going to work, sorry you are just going to have to sit on the toilet”

Me: “Ok” I was disappointed cause I really wanted to be a big boy and pee like daddy but my penis just barely reaches the top of the toilet! Guess I have to get a little taller to try that one out!


Regardless, potty training is going super well and I’m always so proud of myself when I do go, even if I tell someone I don’t need to.

Camping at Priest Lake, Idaho

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Miss Tinley hanging out in the pack and play…I love to make her giggle.


Baby Hunter eating dinner with Uncle Cory.


Mommy hanging out on the boat with baby Hunter…I had to come sit with mommy too, wasn’t about to let her hold him all by herself! His toes were so cute I couldn’t stop playing with them and then I accidently woke him up.


All the big boys making yummy salmon dinner. I can’t wait to learn to cook like this one day!


Uncle Seth and I hangin’ on the boat, I’m learning to drive!


Watching the water with my best friend!

Auntie Stacey and I went on a hike to pick flowers for mommy.


Look what I got you Mommy! Mommy was super excited to get such a fantastic bunch of flowers, thanks Auntie Stacey for your help!


Look close and you can see that I’m holding a Bass in my hand! I’m fearless!


My cool Uncle Seth!


Daddy wake boarding, right before he did a belly flop into the water and hurt himself. Way to go Daddy!


Brock and his stick.


Look, I caught a fish! (Thanks Jacob for getting it for me, I can’t wait to actually go fishing and catch my own fish, so cool!)


Enjoying the view on the way to Elkin’s for music and Huckleberry frozen drinks.


Throw it to me mommy!


Auntie Stacey and her tiny baby bump.


Stacey, Cory & Tinley – I love them all!


Look at our belly’s! Daddy…we need to work on that one!


The whole group!


I love these babies!


Jacob is trying to teach my how to skip rocks in the water. I really liked meeting him!


When I eat I have to move my chair 500 times before I find a good spot.


We passed a fire on the way home.


This was the damage after 3 days (caused my lightening), they still had fire crews out because it kept lighting back up.


Time to stop for a potty break! I didn’t really like sitting on the potty and getting rained on so I had to go use the trailer…much more relaxing.


Thanks Auntie Stacey & Uncle Seth for inviting us this year, I hope we get an invite back next year because I had so much fun! I love spending time with family and hangin’ in the great outdoors!

I’m using the Potty!

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Last week I went on a camping vacation to Priest Lake…and despite that everyone doubted my mommy that I could figure out how to use the toilet…I did! I only had 4 accidents the entire time and that was really mommy & daddy’s fault for not checking in with me. While I know I have to pee sometimes I’m just way to busy playing to say anything. I also woke up with a dry pull-up every morning and made sure to use the potty before I wet it, whooo hooo! Mommy and Daddy are so proud of me and I’m pretty excited to be wearing my big boy Spiderman, Cars & Lego undies. I’m turning in to such a big boy!