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Auntie Teresa is having a baby

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Mommy threw a baby shower for her…she dismantled the house and had a tea party. How fun is that?



Auntie Teresa & Auntie Katie


Baby Ruby found her thumb!

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And it’s all down hill from here!IMG_5174


A message from mommy

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Dear Oliver,

99% of the time you are one amazing, sweet, loving little boy! You make me laugh with your silly giggle when you find something is funny. You know that O is for Oliver and always point it out when you see it. You can put a puzzle together in no time. You can be super outgoing or really shy, just depends on your mood. You tell me that you love me and always give kisses at night, even to your baby sister. You are truly the best big brother ever! You are very affectionate towards your sister. You tell her stories, “Ruby, one day…”. She loves to watch you being silly and is always captivated by you. You dance and sing like no one is watching, if only we could all do that! You share, sometimes you don’t like to do it, but in the end you always do. You love talking on the phone and when you do you point out everything that is going on and expect the other person to see it as well. You know your whole name, Oliver Robert Mattson, and that is how you introduce yourself to people. You can point out a spider web anywhere in the house. You like to say “I know” when mommy or daddy tell you something. You use the word “darn it” in the right context. You tell me all the time “you’re driving me crazy!”. You tell on me when I do something I’m not supposed to do. Sometimes I hurt your feelings and you are smart enough to tell me that I did just that (mind you it’s normally when I won’t give you a cupcake). You are always asking “why” because you are just so curious. When you say “girl”, you pronounce it “gwirl”, its adorable!



Dear Ruby,

You are 5 months and 2 days old, you are growing fast almost too fast! Sometimes I wish I could push a pause button to keep you and your brother the same. You have held your head up for some time now. You can roll over and then roll back again. You smile all the time. You are always looking around and observing the world. You droll like mad! You are a chatter box, last night you kept us up for an hour just talking and playing, daddy and I were both laughing at you. You went to Miss Julia’s today and did awesome. You love to give open mouth kisses and chew on my face. You love hair, so much that I’m thinking of cutting mine off. You have quiet the bald spot on the back of your head. You respond to me saying your name. You love to pet Blu and watch her. You put everything in your mouth. You are the best little sister to Oliver, the look in your eyes says “I love you!”.


To both of you – You will never understand how much your daddy and I love you. I hope as you grow, you will always know we love and support you in everything that you do.

Last day of California

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On our last day we needed something to do after shopping for everyone so we decided to check out the aquarium in Long Beach, I’m glad we did too because it was super cool!IMG_5079

They have a shark exhibit and you can actually touch the sharks and rays…mommy helped me, we had a good time trying to reach them


Horseshoe Crabs


This guy felt like sandpaper


These were the big boys


This guy, he was scary, I ran away when he came to the window because he could eat me quick!


Hiding in a giant shell…mommy and daddy will never find me in here


It’s me, Oliver Robert Mattson


We had a good time at the aquarium even though Ruby wasn’t feeling so hot. Afterwards we went to Bubba Gump Shrimp Co and I ate a ton of shrimp with daddy. I have a feeling that the shrimp didn’t play well in my tummy but it was so good I had to eat it.


Once we were done with our early dinner daddy dropped us off at the airport. Our flight was hectic…here is the story about our evening that mommy posted on her facebook page.


As many of you already know, Ruby is sick, finally had a fever today, lost her little crying voice, tries to scream each time she coughs, blows snot bubbles from mass congestion and is pretty much hating life today – I was supposed to fly home with Dave but his work trip was extended so he had to stay, go to check in for my flight and the lady gives me an awful look then proceeds to tell me she’s …going to try to put me on stand by because my flight is 2 hours late ( I got an RX standby, which is only for emergencies because R was sick), was put on an early flight, all was going swimmingly until Oliver passed out. 2 sleeping kids and a heavy backpack to get of the plane, what’s a single mom to do! Strapped on kid to me, carried the other on one hip and threw the bag over the other shoulder. Get down to were my savoir Eric is waiting to help me to my car and we finally arrive…only 40 minutes from home…oh wait, Ruby needs to eat and she has a poopy diaper, ok, I can do this…changing diaper…oh S*#%!, Oliver just threw up all over himself and his car seat…I need a vacation!


It was a crummy end to a great vacation, but in the end, all mommy did was laugh and push through. She carried me up to my bedroom once we got home, grabbed a giant bowl and slept next to Ruby and I the whole night.

California Adventure (day 3)

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Today I had a special surprise…we met Carter & Camden at the park. I was so happy to see my best buddies!IMG_4911

Auntie Renee got us all matching shirts, aren’t we cute!



Hey look, California Adventure has a moon base too! That is so cool!


First ride of the day, when I came off the ride some little girl ran right into me, we collided and I fell…what a way to start off the day. Thankfully mommy had some cool Cars band aids to patch me up!


Auntie Renee’s uncle Steve, he’s a super cool dude and we really like him.

Look, my and Lightening McQueen


Mayter is on of my favorites too!


Taking a ride with Uncle Jeff, thanks for letting me skip the monster line and take cuts with you, I love this ride!


Watch out Auntie Renee, Carter & Steve – we’re gonna crash into you!


Cater being silly!


Daddy’s turn…


Bumper Cars, they were a little slow but we still had a great time!


Holy cow, look who I got to meet, BUZZ!!!


Outside of Radiator Springs, the Grand Canyon sure is nice!


Now time for Disneyland


We eventually lost Uncle Jeff, Auntie Renee, Cater and Cam but that was ok because I was SO tired. I finally passed out in Ruby’s car seat again with my Mickey ears pulled all the way over my head.

Adventures (Day 2 of California)

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Today was an adventure for sure, when we woke up mommy and daddy decided that we should take Ruby to the hospital…she had a horrible croup cough and we didn’t want to be spending all night in the hospital. We went to CHOC children’s hospital in Santa Anna…mommy now knows that we have it pretty good up in the Seattle area. This hospital was small and packed full of sick people, the ER was little be desired, but they did fix up my sister, so that was great. While mommy was hanging out she asked for some recommendations to take me to play…someone suggested the Discovery Center, guess who they had…IMG_4839

Bob the Builder!


I got to play on some diggers


I loved pushing the buttonsIMG_4853

I also got to build a cool puzzle…


I did the whole thing all by myself, I always amaze my mommy!


Holy cow, it’s the real Bob!


If I wave my magic wand I can open this clam shell…abracadabra!


Look at the size of the t-rex claw, YIKES!


We went to go see the Medieval Times Show, it was so cool! We even got to eat with our fingers, fun! The best part was we got half off admission because we were supposed to sit in the nose bleed section, luckily someone didn’t show so we were able to have an awesome seat.


We went to Disney Land! (Day 1)

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Mommy & daddy took me to the happiest place on earth…Disney Land and California Adventure.


First we started off with a Minnie & friends breakfast…I met the coolest people! The fairy Godmother was up first.


Even Ruby loved her!


Ekk, it’s Captain Hook! No way am I going near you dude!


Tickling Pooh


Hehe, those are my tickly ribs!


Who doesn’t love Eyore!


My new gwirl Minnie, I love her!


Ruby had funny playing with her too!


My first ride in Tomorrow Land, a cool rocket ship.


Blast off!


I am officially certified to drive, watch out folks! I drove like a maniac in Autopia.


My sister couldn’t do much but she really loved checking out all the sites.


Princess castles, can’t wait to check it out.


Watch out folks, I have places to go!


You want me to open this door, are you nuts? Yikes, that is a loud zapping noise


Checking out Toon Town, I loved this place, so much to climb on and see


Beep, beep!


Pluto is a big boy, I barely fit in his bed






The babies love Mickey’s nose…and mommy wonders how she got a virus…every baby chews on his nose, GROSS!


Come here Mickey, let me give you a big kiss!


Hi Mommy! Hanging in Daffy Duck’s boat with daddy, I didn’t want to come out.


Mommy and I took a ride on Dumbo, we flew very high, it was so cool!


I was sad to get off.


Hanging with my daddy while waiting for fireworks, I love my daddy!


Rubes had enough, she finally passed out! There was a large crowd of people and the fireworks were amazing, we even got to see Tinker Bell fly over the castle.


My first day at Disney Land was super fun! Some of the other highlights:


We went on Pirates of the Caribbean, mommy thought I was going to be scared but I loved it!I even liked the waterfall part of it, it was dark but thrilling!


I ate a Churro because mommy’s co-worker said we had to try them…I ate the whole thing!


Mommy and I hiked


I busted a move to Michael Jackson in the House of Tomorrow


We rode the steam train around the park and rested out feet.


I shot aliens to save the planet form the Evil Zerg, I was terrified when I went with mommy. Then I went with daddy and it took forever because all I wanted to do was watch Buzz Light Year.