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Ruby reads a book

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Sometimes Ruby likes to be just like me, she is trying to read a book and I keep interrupting her…

Santa Claus is coming to town…

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So…Ruby kind of freaked out and refused to sit with me…she wouldn’t come near Santa. She was like a mad cat clinging with claws to Daddy.


Santa and I are buddies though, he’s a jolly good fellow!IMG_9686-1 IMG_9689-1 IMG_9693-1 IMG_9694-1 IMG_9696-1



IMG_9713-1 IMG_9715-1  IMG_9716-1 IMG_9719-1IMG_9722-1 IMG_9725-1

One thing I can say about my sis is the girl has got a good set of lungs!IMG_9726-1

Decorating the Christmas Tree

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Beef stew for the holidays, yummy! So yummy that I ate all of mine. Ruby thinks her bread belongs on her head…


First ornament on the treeIMG_3404 IMG_3411 IMG_3407

Second ornament on the tree and she is very determined to do it all by herself!


Doodle dog enjoying the holidays

IMG_3421 IMG_3428 IMG_3432

Ruby’s 3rd favorite guy…Daddy & Oliver come first of course. We sure do love the time that we enjoy with Uncle Bruce!IMG_3436IMG_3444 IMG_3447 IMG_3448 IMG_3456

IMG_3459 IMG_3469-1 1495941_10205165513119861_628332429086727049_o 10857918_10205165513039859_7639582454886984278_n 1655744_10205165513999883_8624075826451431724_o 10339361_10205165514079885_1212706362526992013_o

All done, thanks Uncle Bruce for spending time helping us out, you are certainly one of the family, official now that you have an ornament especially for you on the tree. Happy holidays everyone!