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Evergreen State Fair

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Mommy decided that she wanted to go the fair to try to walk baby Ruby out…unfortunately, that didn’t happen. However, I had a great time checking out all the rides, eating hot dogs and sharing a strawberry shortcake with mommy. What a fun night!


First ride I went on…they fellow let me on it for free. It was a cool obstacle course…daddy didn’t like the big bridges, they were a but instable without hanging on (as you can see, I have daddy’s hands, no way I was going to cross that without him!).


Coming down the slide, what fun!

Mommy was a bit nervous about this one but she let me go anyways!


Whooo hoooo!IMG_0008

Next, I rode the motorcycles…all by myself!!!IMG_0017

Poppin’ a wheelie


Time to go driving!IMG_0058

I can’t wait to do this for real one day!


Silly smile


Love the carousel, thankfully I was tall enough to go on it.


Flying the airplane, daddy is such a good boy to do these rides with me…round and round we go!IMG_0134

My favorite ride of all…the bouncy cars! I went on this twice, then we went to have strawberry shortcake…afterwards I was “tired out!” I look forward to when I get to go again!

A day at the zoo

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Mommy and Daddy took me to the zoo today and I had so much fun! We were there for 4+ hours and really didn’t see much, but I spend extra time at each place just admiring the animals and asking questions.


Checking out the monkey statues at the front of the zoo…


Daddy told me to pick my nose like a monkey…gross daddy!


Petting the GoatIMG_1833

“She’s a good boy!”


This is a scary tunnel, it has spiders, I’m outta here!IMG_1843IMG_1849

A gigantic spider web, every boys dream!IMG_1863

Look at me, I’m a turtle!


Don’t let go of me mommy! I don’t want to fall off this tree!


Do you see me?



I’m exploring with this kid…checking out his map and chatting.IMG_1907IMG_1918

I look forward to going back to the zoo and seeing more animals next time!

My 2 Year Milestones

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At 2 years old my mommy & daddy rushed me into the bathroom to put me on the toilet so I could poop. I did this for awhile because I got nem-a-nems (M&Ms) but there were a lot of disruption (we moved) in my life so I kind of gave it up for a while. Mommy & Daddy were cool with this because there are more important things in life that making sure I pooped on the toilet… plus I was getting my 2 year molars in and that was uncool!


At 2.3 I started to talk in full sentences, yes, they were short…but you should hear me now! I can talk up a storm and tell you the wildest stories. I even like to pretend play and I could do it for hours. Gramma was super impressed when I was playing with Buzz and Ironman because I was making a full scene of what was going on. Mommy & Daddy think my thought process is pretty amazing…


At 2.5 years old daddy decided it was time to give up the binkies, we didn’t really have a discussion about this but I was cool with it after a night. The first night I cried a bit but daddy told me it was ok and to close my eyes, I did as I was told and I survived the night! When I went to see the dentist she was on my side and said that I didn’t need to give it up just yet…but daddy didn’t care, he was sticking to his choice! The dentist was concerned that because I’m getting a new sister it may be to many changes, what is she thinking? Little did mommy & daddy know that I was getting a binkies at Ms. Julia’s for nap time…daddy came to get me one day right after I woke up and guess what I had in my mouth. Oops! That was the end of that. The nice thing is, the gigantic gap that I had from it has not closed up and I can bite my food.


Oh yea, did I mention I can sing my ABC’s by myself? Yea, I’m that good!


At 2.8 years old I went to Idaho and mommy and daddy had another surprise up their sleeve…I’m gonna learn to use the toilet for real this time. For the entire week I wore underwear and I had a total of 3 accidents. I gotta say I loved going potty cause I had some good candy to eat. Uncle Seth was kind of concerned that mommy was going to rot my teeth out but she didn’t care, I was pooping and peeing on the toilet! Since I started using the toilet after our vacation I have maybe had 5 accidents, mostly because I’m so busy playing I forget to tell someone. Mommy & Daddy need to train them that I may say “NO” but really I gotta go, so I won’t hold it against you if you just put me on the potty. Oh yea, and my favorite thing to do is to pee standing up, I do it in the morning and night time on my toilet upstairs. I have also greatly enjoyed pulling my pants down outside when we get home so I can pee in the grass with Blu…I have to show my support!


Also, I know when I’m a good boy and a bad boy. I don’t really like to be a bad boy but something just comes over me and I get angry. The good thing is, I always say I’m sorry when I hurt someone or do something that makes me go to time out. I’m pretty good at staying out of time out because mommy and daddy are pretty patient with me but sometimes I just can’t help myself. I can sometimes be a bad boy at Ms. Julia’s too, the other day I hit Jack cause he was a bad boy…but like mommy says 2 wrongs don’t make a right! Sometimes mommy needs to take her own advice…thankfully daddy has a very level head!

What I want to be when I grow up

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“I want to be a shark, because I will have big teeth to bite you.”

Said this on 8-18-2012


Lily turns 3

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Lily is one of my favorites at Ms. Julia’s, we play together all the time so her mommy invited me to her birthday party. We went to The Little Gym and I had so much fun!


I was a bit intimidated by the rings but daddy pushed the pad closer so I could touch…away I go!


Balance beam…scary, daddy, stop taking my picture and come hold my hand!IMAG0036

Party time!IMAG0037

Lily is the one that has her back to you, we are eating some healthy snacks after all our playing. The cake was great too.


Thanks Lily for inviting me, I had so much fun!

We have a deer!

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The other day while eating dinner we spotted the deer in the yard again, I named him White…he/she is pretty cute! As I like to say “He’s a good boy!”IMG_1786


Willis D Tucker Splash Park

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Can you find me? I’m standing with daddy observing all these crazy kids playing in the water…not so sure I want to go in!IMG_1609IMG_1612

Here goes nothing!


IMG_1628IMG_1632IMG_1654Oh, the anticipation of water dumping on my head…I can barely stand still!


Get in the water daddy!IMG_1711IMG_1770IMG_1772IMG_1784

Look at me mommy….

This was such a fun place to go! Mommy & Daddy took me back the other day but I wasn’t really interested and right when I was starting to have fun some older boy ran past me and I tripped on him. I feel pretty hard and skinned my knee. Thankfully there was a handy first aid kit from Great Aunt Terry in the car…I had plenty of bandages to fix up my knee that was bleeding like crazy.

Mommy & Daddy’s last night out on the town

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Mommy & Daddy went out for a sleep over at the W Hotel, they didn’t really enjoy the hotel but they were only there to sleep and watch a movie. I think they missed me too much and wanted to come!IMG_1590

For dinner they went to AQUA on Pier 70…mommy had a puff pastry stuffed with crab and champagne sauce.


Daddy had a creature from the deep dark sea!!! If someone brought me this for dinner I would scream and send it back! Hope you liked it daddy!


Pretty sunset and view of Mt. Rainer

Carter turns 6!

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Nerf guns!


Clothes…anything else in there?

IMG_1491 Money, now we’re talking!!!


Cam is so excited for a dollar from auntie Renee he can barely contain himself!

IMG_1499Another one?!?


A helicopter! Carter is a lucky boy…I cant’ wait to get one of those myself!IMG_1508

Carter and his daddy putting things together.IMG_1512Check out my new hairdo…ladies….IMG_1521

Checking out Grandpa Bill’s truck, on the hunt for a bike, but Carter didn’t find it in there.IMG_1524

Not under the hood either.


Holy cow, that is a big boy bike!!!


Check it out…


Auntie Renee, where are you shoes?


And he’s off!


With a little practice he’ll be riding that bike on his own in no time! Way to go Carter!IMG_1561

Mommy bought us all ninja suits, you don’t want to come across us in the night, we may poke your eye out!IMG_1563

So much ninja training that Cam had to take a rest to cool off, it was a hot day.


The many faces of Carter



Happy birthday buddy, we love you!