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Art time!

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Mommy pulled out all the fun stuff today! Notice Ruby is


Finger paints, glad mommy and daddy to Ruby’s clothes off… 


ahh, she is painting her belly!


the “I’m a trouble maker” look, my sister is so good at it!

IMAG0502 IMAG0503

So much fun!


Look what Cam did all by himself!


I think someone (Cam) is going to be crafty like mommy!

Imagination Children’s Museum – School Trip

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DSC02442 This is one of my good buddies and my girlfriend Nicole that I always tell you about…we are going to get married when she eats a pig. That is what she tells me!


My best buddy Jack, we have known each other since we were just 1 year old!


Checking out the train track

IMG_1812 IMG_1817


My girl friend…


Help, I’m not tall enough to get the train




Help, how do I get this thing on?!?

IMG_1882 IMG_1900

You can always find me with the ladies…we are camping out..



That looks like a great dinner!



Lights, camera, action!IMG_1986

Tickets please!



Dance Jack!


Jack checking in everyone at the vet clinic




Oliver making his recipes IMG_2080IMG_2091

We all had such a great time! I sure do love my school and all the fun things that I get to do!

WWC School Photo – 2014

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Oliver2014_1Oliver2014_3 Oliver2014_2

I’m getting to be such a big boy!

Ruby2014_3 Ruby2014_1 Ruby2014_2

I have to admit, I have the cutest baby sister in the world!

OliverRuby2014_1 OliverRuby2-14_2

It is rare that we get a picture together where my sister isn’t screaming at me…this one is perfect though. I love you Ruby!

My sister…

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She is growing like a weed and is such a great baby sister, we play together all the time and I enjoy her 99% of the time!


Words she is saying:

eees = please

mooe = more

che = cheese

doodle = blu

ank u = thank you

shakes her head yes/no when asked

I’m sure she says a lot more but sometimes it is hard to understand.



Painting at school, so much fun!



Stacking the spices in the kitchen…maybe she will be an engineer?IMAG0461

I always love to snuggle up were my sis is!


IMAG0463   IMAG0448

How cute is she with her pig tails.

IMAG0436 IMAG0432

Toes are always good!


She loves the puppy that Gramma gave to me. Sometimes we argue over it.


A mouth and belly full of watermelon, yummy!


Swing time, one of her favorite things to do…hopefully this summer daddy and I can build a playground for us!


Ruby, I love you so much and I promise to be a great big brother!

Swim lessons!

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Last night we took swim lessons at the cool new pool in Snohomish.


So excited! DSC02435

Ruby swimming with mommy in her class…chasing a ducky


Practicing my swimming stroke


Play time!

Trip to the zoo

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It may have been 42 degrees outside but mommy had a great idea to go to the zoo…it was perfect! We saw almost all the animals and there weren’t a ton of crowds.

DSC02423 DSC02428 DSC02425 DSC02429

I was a bit nervous at first but I finally got a few birds on my hand! I look forward to going back and doing this again!