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My sister

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My sister is growing so fast, she talks now, likes to actually give me hugs and kisses and will even play with me. Over the past 2 days mommy discovered that she has a love to dollies! Ever since Sunday night this is what has been happening…


Time to feed the baby “watey” (that is Ruby’s word for water)



They even come to dinner and get to taste what Ruby is eating, she feeds them and makes a smacking noise then she takes a bite. She also made sure that they had bibs on so they stay clean!


In the morning Ruby will find the babies (where ever she has laid them to bed) and make sure they come on the ride to school with her.


She sure does love them…time for mommy to find her some dolly stuff!


PS. Some words Ruby says:

I luv lou = I love you

watey = water

Oovver = Oliver

gama = grandma

see you

boo = Blu



more (and she signs it too)



Wipe my bottom!

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Notes from my mom:

Today I had to pick up Oliver because he was throwing up at school. I got there, he was pretty miserable, so I took him home and we hung out for the day. He had to go potty and when he was done he wanted me to wipe his bottom. I said, “No Oliver, you can do it yourself.” He said “Mommy will you please wipe my bottom? If you say Yes, you can wipe my bottom all the time, if you say No you are the worst mommy ever.” I said, “Thanks for the offer Oliver, but the answer is still NO! You do it!” He sat there for about 5 minutes and realized that I was serious and eventually wiped himself. Then he got off the toilet, washed his hand and came out and told me with a mean look on his face “You are a bad mom!” …I kept my cool and told him that I was sad that he felt that way. Not two minutes later he was trying to sit in my lap, my response “bad mom’s don’t let their kids sit in their laps, sorry dude.” He realized that what he said was not nice so he quickly apologized and told me that I will never be a bad mom.

Oliver – You may not enjoy doing things for yourself (like wiping your bottom) but one day you will thank both your daddy and I for letting you learn. We do love you and have your best interest at heart.


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Guess what I did…I kissed a girl! Lily came to play and I decided at the end of my  play date that I would ask her for a kiss…she didn’t say no! I even giggled afterwards!

My New School

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I started a new school today and so far, I really like it! I asked mommy if I could stay the night with my best buddy Jack but she didn’t think that was a very good idea. Instead she told me that I could come back the next day, not gonna lie, I was tired as heck but super excited!


Notes from mommy (day 2):

I was driving Oliver to school today and we were talking, he said “Mommy, I really want to make new friends.” I said ok, that is a great idea. He then asked how to do that. So I told him to walk up to a new kid and say “I’m Oliver, I would like to play with you, would you like to play with me?” Basically, the conversation was to introduce himself and say what he likes or what he would like to do. He caught on pretty quick. As we arrived at school and I was unbuckling him, I said “Ok, now try it on my Oliver.” He promptly, in a matter of fact style, told me “I can’t mommy, I need to eat breakfast first!”


Once we got into the classroom he kind of stood there leaning on my leg and all the kids swarmed around him. They all asked where his brother was, I said that he doesn’t have a brother but asked if they were talking about Jack. They said yes, Jack, where is he. I had to explain that Jack was his best buddy and that he would be coming shortly. Then the kids started asking my questions about Oliver. So I took that moment to introduce Oliver. I said, “do you know his name?” They all said “No” in unison. So I said, “This is Oliver, and he would really like to make some new friends today!” One little boy (named Jack, “short Jack” is what Oliver calls him) spoke up and said “I’m Jack and I’d really like to me your friend.” Then he and Oliver started up a conversation about their shoes. If there is one that I can honestly say, I LOVE children!


As for Ruby, she was just fine, I dropped her off and hung out with her until the other kids came to play. When I left her she was entertaining a little baby and showing the girl how to push buttons. She squawked and me once, but she was just fine by the time I got to the door.

Gold star for Ruby!

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Yesterday mommy and Ruby were playing at the small kitchen and Ruby stopped with that look on her face…you know, the look of concentration, the look that says, I’m pooping! So mommy jumped up and ran Ruby to the toilet. Ruby screamed and fought mommy for a few seconds but once mommy pulled out the M&M’s she calmed right down. Guess what, she pooped on the toilet for the very first time!!! We all did the happy dance and congratulated her and then I stole some of her M&M’s. Way to go Ruby, I’m always so proud of you!