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5 days old

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Kayla has been taking my pictures since I was 1.5 years old and now it’s Ruby’s turn. I got to meet Kayla’s new baby boy when we went for pictures he is only 2 days older than my baby sister. Thanks Kayla for always doing a great job, your little man is lucky to have you for a mommy!015

My family!


Kisses! (Every night I have to give Ruby at least 3 kisses before bedtime, one on each cheek and one on the forehead)


The blanket she is laying on is super special, my auntie Stacey made it. She is the best aunt ever…pretty soon she is going to be a mommy too, I can’t wait! A baby sister and a new girl cousin…girls, girls, girls!


My baby Ruby likes to sleep with her mouth wide open (and she snores)!046056049051053



072075078 copy007011008010

As you can see, I’m super excited to be a big brother, I look forward to all our adventures together when Ruby gets bigger…I can show her how to dig for worms, pick up slugs and ride the quad.  I’m gonna be the best big brother ever!


Like the photos you see? Give Kayla a call or send her an email

Ruby comes home today!

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I’ve been waiting all day for mommy, daddy and baby Ruby. IMG_2258 Time for them to come home (1:19pm)


Ruby got me something…


Spiderman knee pads and a helmet, yay!IMG_2265

And a new kick bike!!!IMG_2266IMG_2267IMG_2275IMG_2279IMG_2283 Safety first!IMG_2285IMG_2286IMG_2287IMG_2289IMG_2292

I love baby Ruby so much!

Hospital Visitors

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I don’t remember who came to see me when I was just born (thank goodness for my blog) but here are some of Ruby’s visitors.




Uncle Jeff – he’s a natural!


Alyssa – she’s a natural too! She was mommy’s doula and mommy really appreciated all her support during the tough decision to have a c-section.IMG_2241IMG_2257

Joann – she was the first person (outside of the docs) to hold me. She’s one of my favorites!

Ruby is 1 day old

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Here are some pictures from the hospital, Ruby was 1 day old…the hospital pictures are way nicer these days!



Wild hair!


Look at those wrinkly toes


Awww, my baby Ruby


IMG_8056The photographer caught me smiling …both my sister and I were in a grumpy mood. She had a really bad tummy ache from something mommy ate, most likely the yucky egg sandwich she had in the morning. Hospital food!

I get to meet Ruby!

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The day after Ruby was born gramma Charyl brought me to the hospital for a visit, I was so excited to meet baby Ruby. I whispered the whole way through the hall way so that I wouldn’t wake up all the sleeping babies.



Awwww…she is sad? She was crying so I wasn’t sure what was going on!


Baby Ruby got me Spiderman, how cool is that!IMG_2199IMG_2213IMG_2221IMG_2225

We brought mommy bread sticks and alfredo from Olive Garden, yummy!

Ruby’s first bath

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I couldn’t meet my sister while she was dirty so they gave her a bath…IMG_2173

She was all snuggled up with Ruby and the nurse undressed her, how rude!IMG_2175IMG_2179

I like warm baths too Ruby!


Wow, that is what my hair looks like after a bath too!


All snuggled up with Auntie Renee, the very first person to hold her besides the doc, nurses, mommy and daddy.

Mommy is going to have my baby sister

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Today we went to Carter & Camden’s birthday party, we left around 1pm and right as we got in the car mommy’s water broke. I didn’t really know what was going on so I passed out in the car and mommy walked me up to my bedroom for a nap, as she was doing that she basically wet her pants. Yuck! Mommy was super tired too so she cleaned herself up and went to take a nap. While I was sleeping Gramma came over so that she could take care of me and take me to Teagan’s birthday party. While I was at the party playing on the bouncy house and eating bbq, mommy and daddy went to Olive Garden and enjoyed some soup with breadsticks and alfredo. Afterwards they took a 2 hour walk around to get mommy’s contractions going…all was well!


When they arrived to the hospital they were checking into Triage and mommy’s contractions were 4-5 minutes apart…however they slowed down to nothing and the doc suggested a c-section. I gotta say, I’m not surprised, my sisters head was about as big as mine and she was overdue by 10 days (I was only 8), so mommy did what was best for both her and Ruby and agreed to the c-section. My baby sister arrived into the world at 1:30am screaming at the top of her lungs. She was 8 pounds, 8 oz, 21 inches long and had a full head of hair. I look forward to growing up with her and I already love her so much!IMG_2005

Auntie Renee came to join and watch the c-section. Mommy and daddy were both so glad that she was there, she was a huge help and took all the pictures. We love you tons Auntie Renee!

IMG_2006Walking to the Operating Room…mommy holding her gown together so you don’t have to check out her bootie.

IMG_2009IMG_2008Daddy in his stylin’ scrubs


Getting prepped for a spinal…mommy had to curl her back up and in went the shot, she said it hurt!


Mommy said she really liked all the docs in the room, they were all so great and I’m glad that they took good care of my mommy! Holy cow, look at that belly of mommy’s, it’s huge!


Hey, mommy wore those slippers when I was born too! Those must be her lucky slippers!


My baby sisters head!IMG_2100

Dr. Dawn Russell and baby Ruby…look at all that blood, yucky!


She is here, mommy said she looks a bit smaller than I did but we look like spitting images of each other. (She got an 8 on the Apgar Scale)


This was our favorite nurse…hopefully Auntie Renee can remember her name because mommy is drawing a blank! My perfect baby Ruby.IMG_2154

My proud daddy!IMG_2172

Moments after coming back to the room mommy got to have baby Ruby on her chest for some skin to skin contact…baby Ruby was happy! Welcome to the world baby Ruby, I’m going to be the best big brother to you!

Evergreen State Fair– Take 2

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Taking a ride on the horsey at the Evergreen State Fair. I love riding horses!

Uncle Seth turns 33

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I’m ready for my cake Uncle Seth


My grandma Mina, Uncle Seth, Mommy & Ruby


Make a wish…uncle Seth let me help him blow out the candlesIMG_1947Look at my ice cream


Uncle Seth got an RC car…that is cool, I wanna play!IMG_1957

Now that’s an RC car!

IMG_1963 I’m so excited, Uncle Seth got a bi RC car and I got a little RC car, it’s just my size!

Mommy and I

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I sure do love my mommy and I know she loves me too. Mommy is about to have my baby Ruby anytime now and I can’t wait to meet her.