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Easter Egg Hunt on Grandma Mina’s birthday

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Off to Fox Hollow Farms

IMG_2104  IMG_2106

She’s ready!

IMG_2110 IMG_2113 IMG_2115 IMG_2119

Baby Taylor has got it down!

IMG_2123 IMG_2124 IMG_2137

I always love to help my sister!

IMG_2130 IMG_2134 IMG_2138

“Here Ruby, sneak it into your bucket!”

IMG_2149 IMG_2151

Good thing Uncle Seth didn’t see that cat on the carrier…he would have flipped!

IMG_2153 IMG_2158

The girls


This picture says it all…what is going on?!?

IMG_2170 IMG_2175

My mommies brother Seth, auntie Stacey and baby Tay


Let me tell you something about my sister…when she gets mad, she gets MAD!


That is why her nickname is “Punchy!”IMG_2193

The nice thing is, 2 seconds later she is happy again…IMG_2204

Checking out the bunnies and chicks.IMG_2205

Help it has claws, get it off of me!!!IMG_2214      The girls are excited!


Goats, more my speed!


Played in the corn box, had so much fun!IMG_2250

Easter Egg hunt at Woodinville Soccer Fields

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IMAG0057 IMAG0060

Getting ready to hunt eggs!



Monkey see, monkey do!

IMAG0077 IMAG0078-1 

Ruby is sporting her new shades, she looks like she is on a cell phone…


The Easter bunny needs hugs!

IMAG0086 IMAG0084

Ruby looks on in anticipation… (mommy sings her the “clean-up” song so she figured out what to do)


Hmm, that is a lot of kids…time to make my game plan




Eggs, eggs, and more eggs…


Ruby wanted nothing to do with the mass rush of over bearing/candy hungry/pushy parents that followed all these little guys. In fact, she turned around and started screaming as she latched onto mommy’s leg. Mommy finally came in and taught Ruby to pick up the eggs and put them in her basket. She was diggin’ it after a few times…and mommy let her do it all on her own! Ruby came out with 7 eggs so that other little guys that were doing it on their own could get some eggs too before all the candy hungry parents took them for their children.IMAG0096-1 IMAG0098-1

Plop, in goes the egg!


I’ve got a full basket for about a minute…I must tell you, I don’t like to see other kids not get anything, so the first thing I do is fill my basket, then if mommy and daddy point out someone that hasn’t gotten eggs, I go help fill their basket! A little boy was in the middle of the field and didn’t have any so I kindly filled him up with some. (Side note: the volunteer asked if I was the kids brother because I was sharing my eggs with him, daddy told him “nope” and the guy was amazed…a 4 year old sharing those precious candy eggs.) Once we found Ruby and mommy we noticed a little girl getting there late so Ruby and I walked over to her and added some eggs to her basket as well.


When we were all walking back to the car mommy said…”Oliver, I’m so proud of you for sharing and making other kids happy too.” I said, with a sweet thinking look on my face and pointing to my heart, “mommy, it makes my heart happy.”

Ruby and yogurt

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Ruby decided that the yogurt was better all over her face, then she tried to feed us! Gross!

Out for a walk

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IMAG0051 IMAG0050_2

We sure do love where we live, fun adventures await us!


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I have been sleeping all by myself these days so sometimes I need to hide under the blankets…mommy and daddy found me like this.IMAG0029 IMAG0025

Our daddy

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Daddy and Ruby being silly while mommy’ and I were off swimming. IMAG0016





Ruby & Doodle

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Ruby and I love our doodle dog!


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Sometimes my sister plays so hard that she is just plain tuckered out!