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Clam diggin’ at Seaside

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Morning stroll down to the water to find us some clams!


Bruce got one!!! I’m not touching that thing!


Go daddy!




Good job!


Look who doesn’t use hands to hold onto daddy…I’m pretty sure I did this when I was a baby too! Daddy trains us young!


The whole fam!


Mommy and Rubest


Isn’t my sister a little doll!?!

My sister

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Have I ever told you how much I love my sister Ruby? Because I do! She always knows where I am at Ms. Julia’s and loves it when I talk to her. She even talks back to me by growling…it makes me laugh! Currently she is trying to crawl, she gets on all fours and wiggles back and forth…she is close!IMG_6501IMG_6504IMG_6505IMG_6511

Mommy tired to get her to come to Buzz…it almost worked!


She is so close to crawling!


And she flopped down. Time to get this on video!

My first Lego set

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Today mommy and daddy made Ruby and I go shopping…I was a bit over tired so I didn’t want to play but then daddy took me to the Lego Store. I was kind of excited!!!IMG_6489

Daddy helped me put it all together


Now to build my guys


I liked to read the directions. I sure love my Legos, I look forward to more of them!

Ruby’s 7 months

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My how time flies! My baby sister is already 7 months today, how crazy is that! She is lots of fun and I really love her. Right now she is eating all her veggies and fruits to make her big and strong. She smiles at me all the time and gets super excited when I come around. She loves to talk, although, she is like daddy, only talks when she really has something to say. She is also getting up on all 4’s and rocking back and forth…it’s only a matter of time before she crawls! As for me, I’m getting bigger and stronger too! My vocabulary is expanding like crazy and I learn new things every day.


Check out the awesome photos from our favorite photographer Kayla J Photography.


What a couple of cuties we are!


Check out her bum, it says Ruby! Thanks grandma Mina, my sis is stylin’!


How could you not fall in love every day with a face like this!


We love to touch noses!


neener, neener!


Ruby’s favorite blanket from Auntie Stacey



My best friend!


Ruby loves to be lifted into the air, she thinks it’s pretty funny!


This is my “Mommy pleeeeaaaasssseeee!” look


There is nothing more special than a sibling, I will always love you Ruby!


Are we done now? Thanks for the amazing pictures Kayla!!!

Bed Time Stories with Oliver

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Every night I like to tell Daddy a bed time story, and he records it on his phone.  Here is my first story, from March 6th, 2013.


And I told three more stories that same night!

My dog

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I don’t think I have ever told you about my dog Blu…she is a mini dachshund and will be celebrating her birthday next month…she is going to be 6 years old this month!IMG_8409

This was when she was only weeks old, she was so tiny and mommy says she was really cute!IMG_2009IMG_2069

Can you guess who this? It’s one of my best buddies Carter!


Blu now…she talks a lot, has super long girly nails, and loves everyone very much! I love you Blu, happy birthday month!