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Poor Mommy

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Last night was the first night that mommy was all by herself with Ruby and I. Here is how the evening went…we stopped at KFC for some tasty chicken and drove home to eat it. When we got home we let Blu out and she went potty, then she got to the bottom of the steps and whimpered. We checked her out and she seemed to be find so we proceeded to go upstairs. We were half way up when she barfed all over the floor. I stood there grossed out, no way was I going to walk on the landing! Of course, mommy had her hands full and kept telling me to move so I eventually did. Mommy went to grab the Resolve Stain Remover and sprayed it on there, as she did she said “Stupid dog!”, I then decided to repeat her. Mommy then told me that it wasn’t a nice thing to say because Blu isn’t really stupid she just had a sick tummy. Bad mommy for not being nice!


After cleaning up the mess we decided to sit down and have dinner. Ruby was fine up to that moment then she started screaming (this is normal), so mommy got to eat with Rubes in her lap. It was an extra special night because mommy let me eat dinner and watch a cartoon, how spoiled am I!?! Our dinner was yummy and I ate everything on my plate so mommy made me a popcorn treat, that was good too!


At 8:30pm mommy thought it would be best to go upstairs and chill out, so we did just that! I got to watch another show while mommy put Ruby to sleep. Once Ruby passed out I hung out in mommy’s room until 9:30 and then I accidently woke up Ruby, oops! So mommy took us into my room, mommy laid down with Ruby on the air mattress and I laid in my bed. She read us a book about camping while I played with my “mail truck”. She was obviously loosing her mind by then because she kept telling me to be quiet, I’m 3 years old, what does she expect! I was really getting sick of her telling me that so I told her to go to her own room. She said ok, but I didn’t really want her to go, I just wanted her to be quiet! We agreed it was time to turn off the light so I turned it out and then it was super dark in my room. Mommy sleeping on her own mattress wasn’t cutting it for me so I asked for her and Ruby to come join me. So here we were at 10:30pm, mommy in the middle with me snuggling up behind her and Ruby nursing…mommy wanted to crawl out of her skin! Guess what, I FINALLY passed out!


Mommy woke up at 11 to go to the other mattress because she had Ruby with her, once her head hit the mattress she was so tired all she wanted to do was sleep…but that isn’t what Blu had in mind! Blu started barking up a storm so mommy had to get up, walk down stairs, let Blu out in the freezing cold dark and then put her back to bed. By the time mommy got back up to my room she was not happy, thankfully Blu was quiet after that or mommy might have lost it!


Finally, time for mommy to sleep…1am, I woke up and told mommy I needed blankets, so she obliged and put the blankets on me, told me to go back to sleep and put her hand on me so I knew she was there. I was back to sleep in no time, snoring away.


3am rolled around and I thought I’d wake up again, so I did. I said, “Mommy, my tummy hurts” She said, “I’m sorry baby, are you hungry maybe?” I said, “Yes, I need some jam in my tummy” She said, “ok baby, when we wake up we can have some, try to go back to sleep, mommy is right here” I said, “ok”. Once again, I was sleeping in no tome.


5am came, once again I found myself awake. “Mommy, can I please come sleep with you?” Mommy said YES! I jumped on that, got up, mommy picked me up so I wouldn’t squish Ruby and I snuggled up with her. Once again, mommy found herself with my snuggling up behind her and Ruby nursing. 10 minutes after cuddling up with her, I was out!


7:14, mommy opened her eyes, and I kid you not, Blu started barking! That dog! So mommy snuck out of bed leaving both Ruby and me behind to go let the dog out again. At 7:18 daddy called to check in and see how it went, mommy wasn’t so happy so all she said was “what?!?”…daddy said I’ll call you back and hung up the phone.


Poor mommy, what a night…she has 2 more nights without daddy to help,  so lets hope we sleep better tonight.


Lesson learned by mommy (by mommy): While I was frustrated, tired and ready to kill the dog, I sat and thought, this is my life, its pretty good, shut up and laugh at it!  So I did just that, laughed at myself and shut my eyes. But I will say, I  thank my lucky stars that I have such a good husband that is always there to help out with the kids.

Auntie Stacey turns 30!!!

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We went to a surprise dinner at the Mill Creek Pub & Grill for auntie Stacey… she was shocked to see all of us!IMG_4570

I was sitting in a high chair…I will tell you, I NEVER sit in a high chair…but I have to be like Tinley!


Erin & Michelle, the 2 ladies responsible for the party…way to go ladies, auntie Stacey sure appreciated it!IMG_4579





Auntie Stacey…”what is this?”


Grandpa Curt & Baby Taylor


Love those glasses Auntie Stacey!


Those things won’t blow out!


Owen is my new buddy!


The whole group…notice I have a cupcake in my hand…must have been my 3rd one, not to mention the ones that I found left over on the tables…

Being goofy

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No pictures mommy!IMG_4533

Hey, I told you no photos!




Hot chocolate with my bear hat on that Auntie Stacey got me, I love it!


Cool whip, heck yea!


My thought for the day…I love my life!

The girls

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Auntie Stacey got the all the girls owl hats and us boys (Hunter and I) got bear hats…here is a photo shoot with the girls.IMG_4463


Ruby likes to eat everything, including Taylor!


“What the heck!” Taylor is having a great time…Tinley & Ruby on the other hand, not pleased!


Smile Tinley!


What is she doing?


And here comes Ruby to eat Taylor again!


Help, I can’t see!


All for a picture with matching owl hats…I love these girls!

Mt Hood!

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We were supposed to go to Chelan for Auntie Stacey’s birthday but due to bad weather we didn’t make it…instead we went to Vancouver to celebrate and also went to Mt Hood to go sledding.


Me in my Rock Star outfit


An amazing day up on the mountain!


Baby Ruby & Baby Taylor…all bundled with their owl hats onIMG_4284IMG_4288

Baby Taylors first day in the snow, she’s a little peanut!IMG_4293

Cool dude, I get to sit in this while daddy pulls me up the hill…I’m so LUCKY!IMG_4297IMG_4320IMG_4327

I’m in the yellow tube!


I love the snow!


I found my own little hill


Me and my favorite gwirl…don’t worry grandma she wasn’t out in the cold for too long and it was super warm!


Trying to keep ahold of these wiggly little girls…that was hard work!


Me and my sweet cousin Taylor, I sure do love her!


I look forward to going to the snow again!

Elevated Sportz

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Mommy & Daddy took Cater, Cam and my to Elevated Sportz for some play time…holy cow, did we have fun!


They had a ball pit that was SUPER fun to play in…


buried in the balls


And they had a super fast slide…Carter, Cam and I all raced


My baby Rubes all dressed up for the party, she liked watching us!