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We love our snacks

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When I thought that dad wasn’t watching, I poured out some snacks for Ruby and me to munch on!

Welcome Berkley

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Baby Berkley has arrived, so we had to throw her a proper party!IMG_6998IMG_7001IMG_7003IMG_7004IMG_7008IMG_7012IMG_7015IMG_7017IMG_7025IMG_7027IMG_7033IMG_7046IMG_7054

Look, Uncle Seth is smiling and Taylor has Uncle Seth’s normal look! Haha


Happy girl!


Uncle Cory giving Taylor cake…


The whole fam, just missing Sarah, Bryan & Hunter


Haha…screaming grandbabies, love it!

Sue & Marvin celebrate 40 years!

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Mommy’s other parents celebrated 40 years together so we had a shin dig at the park in Vancouver. It was super fun and the weather was just perfect!IMG_6882

Flowers everywhere


Chelsea came to visit from Korea, she totally surprised her parents!IMG_6889IMG_6896IMG_6903

Boogie & Rubes




Boogie and her beau – look, it’s me, Oliver


Yummy spread, mommy made it all!


To another 40 years!


Thank you Marvin and Sue for remaining in our lives, we all love you so much and are happy we could spend the day with you to celebrate.

Auntie Stacey & Uncle Seth’s House

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KFC in the car while making the drive to Uncle Seth & Auntie Stacey’s…notice you can see out the back window of the van.


Playing in the backyard


My favorite baby niece Taylor, she loves to smile, watch us intently, roll over, drool (teeth are coming in!) and giggle. I do love this girl!!! Can’t wait until she is crawling around and keeping up with Ruby and I.


Auntie Stacey made me a yummy breakfast and I ate all of it!


Ruby & Taylor playing…baby Taylor loved watching Ruby, she would get so excited!IMAG0191IMAG0192

Such a serious face!


Hey, I wanna go shopping brother!IMAG0203

Time to cook dinner…mommy got us this awesome kitchen, Ruby and I both love to play with it. Can’t wait to get one for baby Taylor when she gets older too.


Help, the pan got stuck on my finger! Daddy taught me a new trick, soap makes it slippery so I can pull it off!


I built a bird, all by myself! This was my first purposeful lego building, I did a really good job too then mommy accidently broke it. Bad mommy!


This scares mommy!


On the way home…, mommy’s mini van can hold the world!IMAG0225

Movie time, long drive home but stopped at La Tarasca for dinner, super yummy and Ruby and I both passed out by Olympia.


Thank you Auntie Stacey & Uncle Seth for letting us stay. We love you so much!

Ruby is crawling

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She can now chase me around the house!


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In the name of science, I get to play with a hammer and see what is in this rock…


Watch your fingers daddy, this may hurt!


This thing is to hard, can you help me?!?


Cool, it has crystals in it! Look!

The Property

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We had to go pick up the trailer so we thought that we would hang out at the beach for a bit. We went crab hunting and had tons of fun!IMG_6832IMG_6836IMG_6843IMG_6844

Ruby is very intrigued with the crab…she even tried to eat it!IMG_6848

Attempting to get a picture of us, it was an epic failure!


Look up Ruby!