Turkey Time

Posted on Thursday, November 27th, 2014 at 2:12 pm


One smoked super tasty bird, can’t wait to eat this guy! Good job mom!IMG_3339 

My sister being cuteIMG_3351

Mommy pulling a MJ move…IMG_3381

Aunt Marcia and her awesome familyIMG_3382 IMG_3386 

My Grandma Charyl and my fantastic great auntsIMG_3370 

My Grandma Charyl


The whole Thurber group, gotta love these guys! Such a fun and wonderful group of people and I’m happy they are my family!


Look at this cutie, can’t wait until Mr. Sawyer is big enough to keep up with us older boys, he’ll be there in no time!

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One Response to “Turkey Time”

  1. Mina Milligan says:

    Family is great and they love you both very much. Are you finding the elves each day and discovering what they have been up to?

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